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Not all construction companies are the same.  Some are very small, while others have large fleets of trucks and workers.  Many have very similar skills but when it comes to choosing a construction company in Concord, CA, you should look for someone you can trust.  Take a look at the reviews of the construction company online and see what others have to say.  Do your due diligence before ever even giving anyone a call.  This could save you a huge headache down the road.  

Tips to Choose a Construction Company in concord CA

Time and time again we hear about the horrible stories of the construction industry.  For example, guys come out and tear down the walls and then leave for days.  Or working on a project just to have it fall apart a few years later.  You need to ensure that you find someone that isn’t going to leave you high and dry.  Certainly, you need someone that is from the Concord area in California.  They are better suited for building in the area and know the requirements.  If you are looking to do a simple bathroom remodel, then you don’t have nearly as much invested as you would if you were doing a new home build. However, the same amount of effort should go into choosing the right contractor.  

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How to Find your Concord Contractor?

Take to social media and ask in local groups if you have nowhere to start.  Do a search online and read up on what they have to say on their websites.  Browse the pictures of the before and after projects.  See what their style is and if that style fits with your vision.  Most construction companies have a certain style about them and it will come through on their website.  Take time to browse their galleries and see what you like.  If you see things you like in various places online, save them to a folder, so that you can share with your contractor of choice.

Be sure that you ask for references to find out what it like working with that particular construction company.  Questions you could ask are:

  • If they are neat and tidy
  • Trustworthy, and honest?   
  • Timely?
  • Organized?

Take your time in choosing the right contractor for your job

These are things that are important to homeowners when they are choosing a construction company.  Take your time with the sales representative of the company and ask the necessary questions.  Did they take the time to listen and answer you?  It is important that the company listens to what you have to say.  This is how they will communicate with you. 

How do they present their timelines?  What happens if something delays a timeline such as a missing part?  These are more common questions that a contractor should be able to answer.  These are things that are common to every job, no matter if it is a large addition or a small bathroom remodel.  Construction is an inconvenience for the homeowner and they should respect that.  It will be great when it is all done, however, going through the process is never fun. So, before you begin the process be sure you have a good idea of what you are about to embark on.  

Most companies will have a contract for you to sign.  This should be well spelled out for you in an easy to read format.  Larger construction projects typically have to have a bank involved and the contractor can help you understand that process.  Or, you could call your bank to find out the process for your particular bank, so that you are aware of the common practices.  

Properly Educate Yourself on your Options

Educate yourself.  Call the bank, if you are going to have to use one.  Take a look online to see not on the reviews but finished projects in the gallery.  Ask people around you if they have ever heard of the construction company you are looking at hiring.  Take your time.  You will certainly be glad you did!

If you have any questions for us, give us a call. We would be happy to go over your project with you and offer some sound advice.  We are a professional construction company that is located in Concord, CA.  It is our mission to help fellow homeowners understand their options.  There are so many different options, material choices and layouts to choose from.  Finding the best one for your project shouldn’t be an issue.  We handle many new client projects all the time.  We take good care of our clients with proper timelines and communication.  It is important to us that everyone is on the same page.  Give us a call and let’s take a look at your vision today!

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