A Complete Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Before You Tear Up the Tiles: A Complete Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Before You Tear Up the Tiles: A Complete Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Bathroom remodels are some of the most profitable renovations you can make to your home. In fact, most homeowners can expect a $1.71 return on investment for every dollar they spend.

But you need to form a bathroom remodel checklist before starting demolition.

Avoid big mistakes and headaches by using this checklist to plan, budget, and execute your remodel.

Picking a Design

Whether you are doing the remodel yourself or hiring a professional company, make sure you have the designs picked out. Trying to design and craft on the fly can cause a lot of damage and drive your budget up.

Be very specific and don’t skip any details when relaying your designs and wants to a contractor.

Don’t assume a contractor or company representative knows what you want. Some companies have preplanned designs to take away the guesswork.

If you’re drawing inspiration from a bathroom you saw on TV or at a friend’s house, check to see if there are plans available. If not, take as many pictures from different angles.

Different Contractors

Depending on the depth of your renovation, several different contracts could be involved. Everything from plumbers, construction workers, and electricians might need to work in the bathroom.

Not using trained professionals turns your project into a possible disaster. Lights and electric features wired incorrectly turn into a fire and electrocution hazard.

If your plumbing isn’t done right, then burst pipes, leaks, and lack of water pressure become real problems.

Expanding walls and demolition requires the steady and professional hand of an experienced contractor. Not only is it better to pass these duties to those who have years of experience, but it also takes the burden off your plate.

Construction Permits

Decorative details and changes probably won’t require a construction permit. But projects that involve additions or major changes to the integrity of your home need to be approved via permit.

Permits are processed by your city or county government. Depending on your location, permits or inspections may be required for other work like electrical and plumbing.

A reputable construction company can handle all the permit paperwork on your behalf.


The color scheme for your bathroom can determine a lot more than just the look. Materials and price are all affected by the color you choose.

Before deciding on the color of your remodel, look at the exterior of your home, the rooms adjacent, and the hallway outside the bathroom. You want to coordinate and stay in the same theme as the rest of the house.

A white-themed bathroom is going to cost significantly less than using colors like purple, blue, or pink.

Creating the Budget

Spending too much money on a bathroom remodel can leave you with too much debt or a half-completed project.

Contractors, permits, colors, materials, and labor are all the factors you have to consider. Additionally, leave some room in your budget for unforeseen problems and mistakes.

Other costs to consider include subcontractors, repairs, and lost wages if you have to take time away from work.

Try to stay below the budget. Many people put a ceiling on their budget and max it out. By pushing to stay below, you can make sure your monthly payments or total bill doesn’t sink you financially.

As crucial as the bathroom is, you probably don’t need to make it more expensive or decorative as the kitchen or master bedroom.

Financing and Start

How are you going to pay for your bathroom renovation? Two of the easiest ways to pay for the remodel are by getting a loan or saving up and paying it all upfront.

For people who choose to get a loan from their local bank or lending institution, always get approved for an amount higher than the estimated budget. This gives you some room in case there are problems or extra expenses.

The old-fashioned way is to save your money until you have enough money to pay the bill when the job is complete. If you can wait, this is the best option to avoid debt.

After the financing is set, start making calls or gathering the supplies for your remodel. It’s time to get to work.

Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Go over everything you want to change. Things that seem trivial can finally be upgraded with your remodel.

Bathtub and Shower

Do you want the bathtub and shower to finally be separate entities? Turn your old combo into a walk-in shower with a separate area for a comfortable tub.

If the remodel includes replacing old plumbing, this could fix any pressure or leaking issues.

Floors and Mirrors

Are you tired of looking at the outdated tile? Replace the old tile with a composite floor or a specialized wood paneling to complete the image.


Bathroom windows might seem like a terrible idea. You don’t want people peeking in on your private business.

But the natural light makes the decorations and accents pop. Additionally, you’ll save money by not having to use the bathroom during the day.

A contractor can cut a window space high on an exterior wall to prevent people from casually looking in. If you like the current window placing, use privacy glass so all the light comes in, but no one can see anything.


One of the biggest complaints about bathrooms is the lack of storage space. Your remodel should include adding built-ins and possibly expansion.

Think about the pragmatic reasons for extra storage and where they should go.

Get Your Project Off the Ground

As you think through your bathroom remodel checklist, feel confident after reading this article about the directions you choose. Use this checklist to have the bathroom of your dreams and avoid the headaches later.

Are you ready to get your project off the ground? Be sure to contact us today so we can bring your checklist to reality.


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