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Decks and Patios Contractors Concord CA

Decks Contractors Concord CA

Your Deck and Patios Contractors in Concord CA, and the Surrounding Area

Anyone who has a deck or patio has countless flooring options to choose from for their front or back yard. A pool owner has the advantage of replacing his or her deck with brand-new material. Someone who owns a wooden deck can replace the wood and apply a sealant for many years of protection. Learn about the different outdoor decks, patios, and flooring materials, styles, and designs available to you by Decks Contractors Concord, CA.

Wooden vs. Concrete Decks

Wooden decks look good in backyards, and so do concrete decks. Both materials are strong and durable enough to withstand many years of inclement weather. In front or back yards, either material is efficient regarding style, damage resistance, and durability.

Before choosing the right wood or concrete deck installer, think about the style. Some people prefer the look of natural, unpolished wood over hard, gray concrete. They want a natural wood species, such as cedar, oak, or pine, to cover their patio floors.

It’s recommended that you apply a sealant after a wood deck installation. You’ll keep the same natural look and receive longer-lasting protection against the damages caused by heat and moisture.

Concrete decks have evolved considerably over the past few decades. Nowadays, a concrete deck installer can create stamped concrete that resembles a variety of natural materials, including hardwood, brick, stone, or marble. Overall, concrete flooring has more colors, textures, and designs than hardwood flooring.

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Pool Decks

Pool decks need extra layers of protection from excessive sunlight and moisture. These decks can be built with tile or concrete pavers that are easy to install, remove, or replace. Pool owners can create simple or intricate designs with pavers only.

Stone, glass, concrete, and porcelain tile are common materials used to build pool decks. Mosaic glass is the most decorative type of glass that is clear, colored, or patterned.

Natural stone is available as slate, marble, limestone, or granite. There are hundreds of stone varieties to choose from. Another option is porcelain tile that is commonly found in bathrooms due to its strong moisture resistance.

Maintenance is necessary for all types of flooring. Glass, stone, concrete, and ceramic are strong and long-lasting in all weather conditions. The more that time passes by, the more likely the material will deteriorate under pressure. The pavers and grout need to be replaced regularly. A new sealant needs to be reapplied once a year or every few years.

Decks Contractors Concord CA


In addition to constructing decks and patios, pavers are found in walkways in the front and back yards. A walkway can be around the patio or leading up to it. Some walkways lead up to major features in the yard, such as gardens, gazebos, or pools. A decorative, paved walkway is always an excellent accessory for your deck or patio.

Vinyl, Tile, or Laminate Flooring

Vinyl, tile, and laminate are synthetic materials that are more durable and easier to maintain than natural materials like wood and stone. The benefits of using synthetic materials are the low cost, easy installation, and widespread availability.

Durability is a key benefit. The synthetic material is highly resistant to abrasion. The surface can be refinished a countless number of times without showing wear.

Like stamped concrete, vinyl tiles can be designed to look like natural stone, wood, or concrete. The common industry term is luxury vinyl tile (LVT). In general, tile is usually made of ceramic but can also be made of glass, clay, or metal.

Laminate flooring consists of wood-simulated synthetic materials that are laminated together. A protective layer is on top of a resin or fiber bottom layer. Compared to natural wood, laminate is easier to sustainable and easier to install. However, laminate has a similar problem of rotting or swelling under excessive moisture, so it’s ideal for getting waterproof coatings.

Decks Contractors Concord CA

Like tile and vinyl, the material is ideal for do-it-yourself floor installers. Some companies provide easy-to-install flooring kits for homeowners to use. Get the best results by hiring a licensed outdoor flooring contractor to work on your project.

Carpet Flooring

Many homeowners think that carpet flooring is not a good material to use on any patio. Outdoor moisture saturates the carpet, making it damp and uncomfortable to walk on and increasing mold growth.

On the other hand, outdoor carpeting looks stylish and makes your patio stand among others. The carpet material increases the warmth and comfort of walking around outdoors. Carpet is safe to use on covered patios. It requires additional maintenance hours and works best with padding underneath; however, it adds a unique style to any outdoor space.

Many homeowners often complain about defective flooring. They may have broken wooden floorboards or cracked concrete that look unsightly. Nowadays, there are hundreds of flooring materials and designs to choose from. When you’re ready to get started, contact a qualified outdoor flooring contractor near you.

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