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Anyone can use an extra room in their home. It could be a space for business, like an Airbnb unit, daycare (yes, we’ve seen that happen) if you would like it or need an additional guest room or bedroom.

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit, and they are either attached to the house or a separate annex on the same property. Another way to add an extra room is to construct a whole new home addition.

Foundation, Framing, and Plumbing Work

Room extensions, unlike garages, need a brand new foundation. The type you’ll need mostly depends on the circumstances, which is why a professional should determine that for your ADU unit.

The framing work is pretty fast, with walls going up in a couple of days. Sometimes the frames are made off the site and then brought attached to the foundation. Not all ADUs need plumbing, but there are things to consider if you do. How big do you want the bathroom, and do you want it to have a shower or tub?

Electrical and Mechanical

There are guidelines to follow in terms of the electrical and mechanical work done in your ADU. You would expect a professional to be aware of this; however, it’s still vital that you learn these guidelines.

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Drywall and Paint

There are multiple stages of drywall finish you should know about that range from 0-5. For your ADU unit, the levels you should be concerned about are 3-5. You will use stage three drywall finish if you plan on using a heavy-duty wall covering as the final decoration. Four and five are when you want to paint the walls or apply a lighter wall covering as its final decoration. Level five drywall finish is more for areas with extreme lighting where you could see the flaws of level four and below. The best and most affordable option for your ADU might be level four.

Type of Flooring

The most common type of flooring for an ADU is vinyl. It can come in the form of realistic-looking tiles or planks. If it’s a conversion from a garage to an ADU, you could also consider epoxy floors. They have a smooth finish that gives off a unique visual. There are other flooring types you can check out, such as carpeting, ceramic tile, and wood flooring. The kind you want mostly depends on your remodeling goals for that extra space.

Repairing and Installing New Flooring

You might not need new flooring for your garage; it might just need some repairs and a bit of a touch-up. The right garage conversion contractors company will have the proper tools and experts handy to do this. They’ll also have those same factors for when you want to install brand new floors. If you’re unsure what kind of flooring you should get, then professionals can help evaluate that for you. They take what you’re going to turn that room into, costs, and other elements into consideration.

What is ADU’s and the New Law in California About it?

An accessory dwelling unit is an extra living space. Whether it is attached to the main house or an annex in the backyard, you can rent it to other tenants. Recently, there have been new housing laws in California to encourage the building of more ADUs. Certain cities have previously hindered citizens from constructing these annexes. The new regulations help to reduce these restrictions, some of which are cost-prohibitive. Homeowners’ associations can’t deny the construction of ADUs, and local governments must encourage the creation of ADUs by including them in the Housing Element portion of their General Plan.

The Benefits of Converting a Garage

Converting a garage into a living space can add value to your home. This extra value can come from either the price of the entire property or for when you want to rent that space out.

  • The shell of your addition already exists. This saves you money on excavation and construction.
  • Usually, a garage will already have electricity. In some cases, a garage will also have plumbing. This can drastically cut the cost of electrical and plumbing work.
  • By reclaiming your garage as an ADU, you will be able to maintain the same yard space.
  • ADUs add density to your neighborhood without changing its character.
Garage Conversion Services

Garage Remodel Ideas

You know what you’re going to use in your garage once its conversion is finished. Now you have to figure out how you want professionals to remodel it. Think of what the primary uses will be for this extra space. With these factors in mind, ask a professional for advice and ideas.

A lot of us could use some extra living space. It could be for business, an extra living room, or a part of the home that you could rent out to get extra cash. With the newly-enacted housing laws in California, you could make that possibility a reality.

There are a lot of complex factors to take into consideration before converting your garage. That’s why it’s crucial to get a garage conversion contractors to help you make this significant change. Whether the ADU is attached to the house, separate, or plan to build it from scratch, you can rely on professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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