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Landscaping Contractors Concord CA

Landscaping Contractors Concord CA

Your Landscaping and Hardscaping Contractors in Concord CA, and Surrounding Area

Looking to upgrade your home or thinking about what and how you can do that? Looking to increase your home’s market value and attract serious buyers, or is it time for you to start the project you had in mind since you got the house but never got the chance actually to do it. We are an established Landscaping Contractors Concord CA. We offer professional landscaping solutions that meet your expectations both in hardscape and softscape.

As a hardscape contractor, our services range from the construction of patios, decks, and walls to flooring and carpeting, whether you desire to use hardwood flooring, tiles, or carpeting. We make those seemingly difficult tasks easy for you, giving your landscape an eye-appealing and robust touch.

Everything we do, we do the right way, addressing all your concerns such as drainage, quality of materials, time-frame, etc… We also make sure we stay within the budget so that you can have peace of mind.

Hardscape gives your yard a customized appearance. Your yard speaks your language, and it becomes one with you. Not only does it expand space from your living house to an outdoor plan, but it also enhances the beauty and serenity of the environment outside your home.

Wooden Deck

There is nothing as pleasing to look at as a wooden deck that has been properly maintained and installed. As your Hardscape contractor, first, we give you the best advice on the most suitable type of wood.

Some of the wood and deck solutions we offer include:

  • Brand new installation.
  • Washing, scrubbing, and stain removal of an old deck
  • Replacing deck boards that are affected by warping over time
  • Covering imperfections on the wood
  • Applying a restoring color stain to improve the look

During the construction, we use the best quality hardwood and put into consideration the drainage needs. We listen to you, and once we get your ideas and budget, we get down to work and give you exactly what you are looking for.

Landscaping Services Concord

Concrete Deck Construction

Concrete floors can be a great idea for a modern appeal. The material is long-lasting and can withstand adverse weather conditions. It is easy to manipulate to create whatever design you have in your mind.

  • Backyard
  • Walkways
  • Garage
  • Driveway

Exterior Flooring

Exterior Flooring – Pavers

Our staff has the best technology and desire to construct your pavement with the right pavers fitted to your particular passion. Of special interest to you would be how we use segmental (inter-locking) and stone pavers- we apply these two technologies because we understand the need to work within your budget.

These two designs have the advantages of:

  • Being durable
  • Having good drainage
  • A great aesthetic value

Our Construction Company, Concord, takes care of your gardens, walkways, and edges around the pool. We use the best equipment while still giving you very economical rates.

Hardwood Flooring

By now, you probably already know that installing hardwood flooring is a good investment. But, which species of wood should you choose? Oak, maple, maybe bamboo, you’ve got some big decisions to make. Here are the best hardwood flooring options broken down by species, room, and more.

Engineered Hardwood

Compared to solid planks, engineered hardwood offers a similar look that’s easier on your budget.


Here you will get a new floor with the character of one that’s been around for centuries.


Hand-scraped hardwood flooring made of raw materials worked by hand into pieces.


Pre-finished wood flooring comes after the manufacturer sands and seals these planks in the factory.


Reclaimed hardwood flooring refers to the use of planks that have already served another purpose.

An outdoor patio would look great with hardwood flooring. Our mission is to make it even better with a professional installation.

Tile Flooring

Tile is made from a mixture of clay and shale that’s fired in a kiln like pottery.
It’s a strong, long-lasting material that comes in various colors, shapes, and patterns. It is important to know that not all ceramic tiles are tough enough for flooring.

  • Porcelain
  • Glass tiles
  • Polychrome
  • Slate tiles

We use the best tiling out there. Your outdoor living space gets the touch of our experienced hands, guided by your customized design.

Real Grass and Artificial Grass

We can all agree that a lawn is one of the most important parts of any outdoor living area and the first impression to any eye. Other than the visual aesthetics, grass lawns serve as a space to get some peace of mind.

Today you can choose between a real grass lawn or a fake grass lawn. But what are the main differences between the two, and is one better than the other?

We know that it is not a simple task to choose which one is the best fit for you. We can help you decide and lay down the costs and benefits of each.

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