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Room Addition Contractors Concord CA

Room Addition Contractors

Your Room Addition Contractors in Concord CA, and the Surrounding Area

Do you ever imagine your home with an added guest room, a comfortable kitchen nook, or an airy and bright sunroom? You are not alone. Current market conditions encourage increasing numbers of homeowners to invest time and money into room additions.

The right room addition can completely transform your house into a dream home. But before you get started, you should ask yourself a few questions to prepare yourself and your wallet for success.

Room Additions & New Construction

Get ready—the average costs for adding a room range from $20,000 to $40,00.00. Yes, you read that right. Prices can vary according to the size and scope of a project, but all successful addition projects begin with a square footage estimate and plan. There are usually building restrictions or codes to adhere to. These restrictions vary by neighborhood. It is important to contact your city and county to break down the rules in your area. Once you have this information, you can work out your budget and start getting estimates from local professionals.

Foundation Professionals

Foundation pros are needed to take care of any demolition, excavation, and site preparation. These contractors do necessary concrete work, such as pouring a slab foundation and footings. They will also install roof trusses and support beams.

Framing Professionals

Exterior Pros handle Roofing work, exterior trim, and vinyl siding of your new addition.

Interior Professionals

Most of the work that is done for a room addition will probably be interior work. Call professionals from Room Addition Contractors Concord CA to handle several aspects of home construction for this.

Professionals from each of the following categories may be involved in a home addition or new construction.

Plumbing Professional

Creating a powder room addition would mean that you also need new plumbing to the toilet and sink. Due to the complexity of the job, professional planning and plumbing skills are required.

Electrical and Mechanical Professional

One of the first things to consider with a home addition is your electrical needs. A certified electrician will know whether you should upgrade your circuit breaker or allow him to design an outlet configuration. Most importantly, he will know how to get the job done according to the latest city code.

Room Addition ServicesDry Wall and Paint Experts

Once the framing, insulation, and mechanical aspects are done, your new room starts to take shape. Next come the drywall and trim, then the painting begins. These items go a long way in determining the overall look and feel of your new interior space.

Flooring Experts

Finding the perfect flooring for your home remodel is never as easy as you might think. Ideally, you would like something that looks amazing but is also durable enough to last for many years to come.

A flooring expert will help match your wants and needs to a quality product with professional installation. Flooring experts handle each of the following.

  • Flooring type selection
  • Flooring repair (to seamlessly integrate flooring transition from room to room.)
  • New floor installation

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

An accessory dwelling unit or ADU is a legal, regulatory term for a secondary house or an apartment on the same lot of a larger principal home.

Examples of an ADU might be a guest house or converted garage. According to where you live, this type of structure or addition falls under different codes, regulations, or zoning rules. California legislature embraces Accessory Dwelling Units. Laws allow the majority of single-family homeowners to convert their homes into three separate dwelling units.

Converting a Garage into an ADU

A garage conversion can be one of the easiest ways to create additional space for your home. This is also one of the most affordable ways to create an addition because an ADU takes advantage of the existing construction. If conditions are right, this option offers many benefits.

Guest Suite or AirBnB Garage Conversion

This has become an increasingly popular garage conversion idea. When looking for a fabulous place to stay, you can find the hottest design trends right in people’s backyards.

If you live in a tourist area and have space that you aren’t using, you can turn that space into income. Turning an unused garage or shed into a living space will increase the value of your property. Likewise, it could potentially earn you some cash. As the Airbnb industry gains popularity, so does the demand for places to stay. If you have the extra space, check out the following tips on ways to convert your garage into a proper guest house or Airbnb.

Floor Plan

Although you may not have a ton of space to work with, creating a floor plan will help simplify the process of designing the space. Be sure to get proper measurements so that you can compose an inventory of the things you will need in the space. It needs to be big enough to house a sleeping area, living room, kitchenette, and a private bathroom.


If your garage does not already have plumbing and electricity, those features will need to be installed.

Small Space Solutions

Look for tips on decorating small spaces for maximum usage.

Room Addition Contractors

For the best outcome, add extra touches. High-speed internet access, a comfy bed, and morning coffee can mean the world to your guests. Spend the night in the conversion yourself so that you see exactly what it needs to feel welcoming. Whether you decide to get an add-on for personal use, such as a sunroom, or to rent out, proper planning and experienced professionals can help you get it done right.

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